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A New Tradition of Fine Deutsch Drahthaars 

About vom Wachtelkönig Kennels

My name is Andy Burris. I've hunted bird dogs and retrievers all my life. In 2006 I hunted behind a DD named "Sophie". Since then, I have been hooked. We hunt our dogs, and we hunt them a lot! Our dogs start off their hunting season in September with several dove shoots in Alabama and Mississippi. In between the dove shoots, we hunt the early resident goose season. When October rolls around we packup and head north to Minnesota for several weeks for grouse and woodcock.  In November and December we will be in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma quail and pheasant hunting for 30 plus days. Early January we head back to the mid-west for another couple of weeks of upland birds. Mid to late January we are in the Lousiana bayous for a few weeks woodcock hunting. In between all of these hunts, when we are home, we are hunting resident ducks and blood tracking deer for friends and neighbors.

We are not intrested in producing a lot of litters, but we are intrested in producing superior hunting dogs with excellent temperment. We expect our dogs to be productive, hard working, high desire, versatile dogs that are both physically and mentally sound. A dog must have the instinct to hunt and the desire to find birds. A good nose is of great importance, able to detect the faintest scent and to locate game quickly and accurately. Only Drahthaars that prove themselves in all three German test(VJP, HZP, VGP) and are outstanding wild bird hunting dogs are ever bred.  When we have puppies, they are sired by the best Drahthaars in the nation. We select the stud dog based not on what is popular, but instead on what characteristics and bloodlines best compliment the particular female being bred. The stud must exhibit the characteristics we deem important and must show that he has already produced excellent puppies in the past.