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Bess vom Seeufeer

Color                             BRSCH
DOB                             18.06.2012          
Conformation                1st Breed Show 8, 2nd Breed Show 11
Coat                              1st Breed Show 7, 2nd Breed Show 10
VJP                              69 (11 cooperation)
HZP                             182 & 186 (11 Use of nose, 11 Search behind live duck, 11 cooperation)
VGP                             293TF Prize I (4H Blood Track)
VSwP                           Prize II
HD Free                       YES
ED Free                       YES
OCD Free                     YES
vWD Free                    YES

 Bess is a "dead bird" finding machine! It doesn't matter how tall or thick the cover is, she can find it. She is confident and persisent in searching for dead birds. She has pointed, found and retrieved thousands of birds. Her use of nose is execellent in the field along with her pointing ability. She hunts close in the thick aspen cuts of Mn while grouse and woodcock hunting. When we hit the wide open CRP fields in KS, she adapts and really opens up her search for pheasants and quail. Bess excels at blood tracking, scoring the rare 4H for Blood Track. She was the highest scoring dog in the SEHC at the 2013 Armbruster. Her father, Artos vom Kratherwald was Best Looking Male at the 2006 Armbruster. Her mother, Klara v.Erthal, scored a 75 on her VJP, and is a VGP Prize I 329TF dog. She was also the #12 dog out of 214 at the 2010 Hegewald in Germany. She scored 235 HZP Hedewald points.

Ahnentafel front
Ahnentafel back
VGP Test Report
HZP Test Report
2012 Armbruster
VJP Test Report
​VSwP 20hr
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